The next Apple TV would have 120Hz support like the Xbox Series X

The rumors around Apple TV do not stop. There have been several events in the past in which a renewal of Apple’s set-top-box had been rumored, but the truth is that it seems that it has never finished arriving.

In addition, after the landing of the TV + application on Smart TVs from different manufacturers, many feared that the end of the apple device. Nonetheless, the company’s streaming device has a huge legion of fans, and considering the rumors about a renewal, it seems that the new model is getting closer and closer.

The code for the beta version of tvOS 14.5, in fact, has hinted at some clues as to what the next Apple TV renovation might include. According to the operating system code, everything seems to indicate that the next renewal would bring with it the support for 120Hz.

The next Apple TV would have support for 120Hz

Although the details are scarce, this refresh rate would be specially designed for the elements on the screen, especially for the springboard and the interface of the menus. In addition, it would be an important asset to continue positioning Apple TV as a game console. While lhe importance of 120Hz is relative for common use, it would be a great addition to your specs.

However, although the next generation Apple TV supports 120Hz, it would not be a feature that all users can enjoy. And it is necessary that the TV or the monitor to which the Apple TV is connected offers support for it and is compatible with that refresh rate. In addition, to offer that refresh rate at 4K resolution, an HDMI 2.1 port is required, so the TV would have to have this connector.

As in the case of new generation consoles such as the Xbox Series X –which offers this refreshment–, it will be necessary to have a compatible television. And, to this day, the list is quite limited outside of the high-end spectrum.

Be that as it may, and given the slow renewal of Apple TV, the inclusion of this technology may be a bet for the future. Offer powerful hardware with a lot of functionality to be durable, since, unlike other Apple products, a few years pass between each model that arrives on the market.