Apple News loses New York Times articles in its free version. In an article published in its technology section, the newspaper stops collaborating by sending articles for viewing through the Apple app. The Times has cited several reasons, most notably control of the relationship with the reader and subscribers.

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The Times, which has made recruiting new subscribers a key business objective, said Apple gave little room for direct relationships with its readers and little control over the business. He has said he hopes to send his readers directly to his own website and mobile app so that he can “finance quality journalism.”

The newspaper seeks to improve the path that leads those readers to their domains. There where can control the format, quality and message of your articles according to your “business rules”. So they no longer make sense of the relationship with Apple News.

It must be made clear that the New York Times is referring to the free version of Apple News, different from the one that debuted last year. Low a subscription of $ 9.99 a month, users can access hundreds of magazines as well as The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times. The New York Times preferred to stay out of this service.

Apple News debuted in 2015 and has had a slow international rollout. Currently, it is only present in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia

The newspaper’s six million paid subscribers (many of them in various offer subscriptions) allow it greater independence from different sources of income. Apple News has 125 million unique users per month. In its paid version, the publications have repeatedly indicated that the income is modest.

Apple + or full subscription to apple services

The New York Times had already reduced its presence in the free version of apple news long ago. With this movement, he leaves the platform completely.

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