The New York Times compiles the complete list of insults used by Donald Trump on Twitter – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines – .

Donald trump he has charged for six years against everything that went against his policy. The Republican, who today cedes the presidency of the United States to Joe biden, has starred in an abrupt presidency, full of insults and disqualifications.

The insults of Donald Trump have been against people, places and things, and the diary New York Times has gone to the trouble of compiling in a long list of the 281 “people, places and things” to which the Republican has given some insult on his Twitter account.

The list runs from June 2015, when Trump announced his candidacy for the US presidency, until January 8, 2021, the day on which Twitter definitively censored the Republican after encouraging the assault on the Capitol.

Insults against Hillary Clinton, Obama, Twitter, Ted Cruz, Facebook, Twitter …

The NYT list collects nearly 4,000 tweets in which Trump attacks Hillary Clinton, Obama, journalists, the media and even Republicans like Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush.

Nothing and no one has escaped the insults of Donald Trump in these six years: the FBI, Facebook, The Associated Press, Twitter, George Bush, Angela Merkel, China, the Supreme Court of the United States …

And if the term of Donald Trump has been abrupt, it should be remembered that the end has been even more so. The assault on the Capitol by his followers has been the final touch to four years difficult to forget in US politics.