Although Microsoft’s intentions were always the best, the rapid introduction of minor updates for Windows 10 often brings us more problems than they solve. And it is that once again, after the launch of the latest September updates KB4571756 and KB4574727, some systems appear to be experiencing performance issues, failures in the Start menu control, login problems, temporary errors in the user profile, and a number of additional minor bugs including the dreaded blue screen.

Apparently, these bugs are related to one of the changes in Windows 10 KB4571756, which aims to improve the tablet experience for convertible or hybrid devices in docked scenarios. Unfortunately, this change appears to be breaking down the Start menu and the Action Center button for the normal desktop application, resulting in everyone who uses a mouse and keyboard not being able to open the Action Center and Start Menu normally.

While these issues have already been reported by a large number of users on Microsoft’s community forums and Reddit, until Microsoft releases an official fix, we’ll have to limit ourselves to use system restore or uninstall update manually. So, another of the solutions that we proposed a few days ago is to delay the automatic update of Windows 10, being able to win a few extra days to see which ones introduce new problems or not.

Additionally, Microsoft assures us that in the event of encountering one of these “temporary errors” in the user profile, an alternative solution would be restart your computer in safe mode once, after which, starting again in a normal way, everything should have returned to normal.

Finally, it seems that another good segment of users would be encountering the problem of not being able to install the updates, receiving the error codes 0x8007371c and 0x800f081f. In these cases, the best practice would be to use the “Media Creation Tool” once the September update is released again, later this month.