The World Health Organization (WHO) admitted yesterday that coronavirus can be spread through the air in some circumstances. Thus, the body warns that outbreaks have been detected in “some closed environmentssuch as restaurants, places of worship or workplaces. Therefore, in these foci, he assures that “the transmission of aerosols cannot be ruled out, particularly in these interior places where there are crowded spaces and with inadequate ventilation. ”

Therefore, following this update, WHO recognizes three forms of contagion of the coronavirus:

Forms of contagion of the coronavirus

Physical contact: the virus can be transmitted through the respiratory particles that are expelled when speaking, coughing or sneezing. They are tiny droplets, invaluable to the human eye. The virus is transmitted through close contact (less than a meter) between a person who is infected and another who does not have it. The contagion occurs by entering those droplets through the mouth, nose, or eyes.
Surfaces: the virus ejected through those droplets respiratory It can remain on some surfaces, so indirectly a person who comes into contact with those surfaces can become infected. Health authorities have reiterated that on many occasions, people should not put their hands to their mouth, nose or eyes.
Air transmission: It is the last route of infection that the WHO has confirmed. Respiratory droplets can remain in the air for long periods, especially in those closed spaces with little ventilation. Those particles can reach people even if they are more than a meter away.

Hygiene and prevention measures

After updating the forms of contagion of the coronavirus, the WHO insists on the importance of continuing to take precautions and hygiene measures. Therefore, it reiterates the need to maintain a constant and adequate hygiene and hand washing; stresses the importance of keep the safety distance 1.5 meters; and indicates that you have to use mask especially when there is no such social distance, although many governments are already betting on imposing the mask even when there is that 1.5 meter distance.