With a longer design, with We Connect and We Connect Plus technology, the 245 hp Volkswagen Golf GTI will be more expensive than its closest competitors

Volkswagen Golf GTI /
Photo: Courtesy Volkswagen

Volkswagen / Courtesy

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI of 245 CV will go on sale in Spain at a cost of $ 50,103 (42,290 euros).

Although this vehicle is less powerful than its strongest competitors, it is positioned as more expensive among those that are equal to it, reports MotorPasion.

To give you an idea, the Hyundai i30 N of 275 CV has a cost, the simplest model, of $ 39,511 (33,350 euros), the Peugeot 308 GTi of 255 CV goes in the $ 40,399 (34,100 euros) while the Ford Focus ST of 280 CV you can get it from $ 43,154 (36,425 euros).

Among the benefits of the Volkswagen Golf GTI it stands out that it will have functions that make it more agile on the pavement, it will have an improved grip when cornering, it will be more stable and also more be accurate.

Volswagen Golf GTI / Photo: Courtesy Volkswagen.

According to MotorPasión, for this new version the Dynamic Gear Manager will be key, whose main function will be to coordinate all the electromechanical functions of the chassis.

Now, moving on to the aesthetics, this car will be flatter and elongated, with a honeycomb air intake, which has already become one of the main characteristics of the eighth generation of this traditional car. .

Speaking of its interiors, this model has a sporty leather steering wheel. It has red accents in the central part, where the GTI logo stands out. Its seats are bucket type and its upholstery in black and gray squares.

From the technological part, this car has the services of We Connect and We Connect Plus, in addition to access to the Car2X platform, with USB ports.

The manufacturer Volkswagen is one of the most popular in the world, with more than 2.3 million cars sold around the world throughout more than 40 years of history.


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