The new thing about Netflix is ​​to download movies and series automatically according to your tastes

Netflix continues its wave of new features. On this occasion, the service announced a new function that will allow download movies and series automatically according to user tastes (via TechCrunch). It should be mentioned, however, that at the moment this novelty will only be available on Android devices. At the moment it is unknown when it will arrive on iOS.

Another important point to consider is that the characteristic must be activated manually. That is, it is not a feature enabled by default. This has to do, of course, that not all people are interested in Netflix making automatic downloads. Even less when it depends on an algorithm.

Netflix will let you define storage space that you want – and can – give in to the proposal. For now there are only three options: 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB. The larger the space shaking, the more series and movies will be downloaded. The service also explains that, although most of the catalog is available for automatic download, some content has restrictions due to licensing issues.

Although it is an interesting option, the acceptance of users it will depend on how accurate the Netflix algorithm is to automate downloads. In series it will be less complicated, since the system could identify which are the episodes that you still have to watch. However, with movies it is a completely different matter. We will have to check its operation and see the opinions of those who want to take advantage of it.

This isn’t the only recent feature Netflix is ​​trying to “automate” what its users watch. Just a month ago they announced the launch of “Play something”, a button that appears in the profile selection menu. When pressed, the platform starts playing paused episodes or even movies or series from the beginning. This, like automatic downloads, depends on the user’s tastes.

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