The new Skoda Octavia Pro for China comes to light in some official sketches

A new Skoda Octavia? Yes and no. The new sketches that have come to light from Skoda announce the presentation of a new model, a sedan with a more attractive and sporty design that uses this commercial name, but that will not reach Europe. This is the advance specially developed for China, and which will be sold under the SAIC umbrella.

The new Skoda Octavia Pro it is unknown to many. It is the model with which the Czech brand sells in China, under the SAIC Volkswagen umbrella. A model that shares a name and image with the model sold in Europe, as can be seen in the advanced sketches, with a very similar and almost sportier style.

The Czechs will offer a model with an aesthetic in line with the Skoda Octavia, but they are appreciated more sporty and tapered lines on the front, with larger, ragged headlights and a wider grille with sharp three-dimensional edges, along with a bumper with large air intakes. But there are very interesting details in the advance, and that is proportions are more coupe styled, with a roofline that differs of the European Skoda model, with a more aerodynamic rear shape.

Skoda Octavia Pro sketchesThe sketch of the new Skoda Octavia Pro shows a sportier style for the long model

The second detail is that the Skoda Octavia Pro is larger, as is customary for China, where customers want more space and the brands market body variants with the surname “L” or “Largo” on this market. Compared to the European model, the Octavia Pro has a 71 millimeter longer wheelbase – up to 2,730 mm– and therefore also 85 millimeters longer up to a maximum length of 4,753 millimeters.

A significant increase in the main dimensions that will be transferred to a larger interior, and especially with 60 millimeters more rear legroom. And it still continues to make an important difference in terms of space with the Skoda Superb, which is separated by 115 millimeters in length. This increase in measurements has been the main contribution of SAIC Volkswagen technicians, since the design was practically conceived in Mladá Boleslav, in the Czech Republic.

The new Skoda Octavia Pro will be manufactured in China, at the SAIC-Volkswagen facilities, with its presentation scheduled for mid-April, at the Shanghai Motor Show 2021 as a local novelty. In the large Asian market, it will be offered with a well-known gasoline engine, the 1.4 TSI with a maximum power of 150 hp, an engine already very amortized that is not sold in Europe.