Showtime has announced that it will finally broadcast the second season of ‘Black monday’ and from the fifth season of ‘Billions’ will be affected due to the coronavirus.

Of the first, currently broadcasting, only two more episodes will be broadcast in the early hours of April 5 to 6 and April 12 to 13, respectively, to complete a total – for now – of six. For its part of the second, only seven episodes will be broadcast, the first one in the morning from May 3 to 4 and the last one in the morning from June 14 to 15.

Like so many other film and television productions, the pandemic caused by the so-called COVID-19 has caught those responsible for both productions in full filming, forcing them to be stopped until further notice.

The remaining four episodes of the second season of ‘Black monday’ and the remaining five episodes of the fifth season of ‘Billions’ They can be broadcast before the end of the year, once the activity can be resumed and thus resume filming and post-production of its latest chapters.

However, and as the North American chain advances, it has been careful and diligent that both “interruptions” coincide, as occurs with series accustomed to dividing their seasons into two halves such as ‘The Walking Dead’, at an opportune and natural moment. within the history that each one of them raises.

In the following links you can find more information and official trailers, both starring Don Cheadle and Regina Hall and starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti, both broadcast in our country by Movistar + simultaneously to the United States.

On the other hand, the North American chain has confirmed that both the first season of ‘Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels’ like the third of ‘The Chi’ they are already finalized and, therefore, will be issued in full and without problems of the pull.

As scheduled, the first episode of the “spiritual sequel” to ‘Penny Dreadful’ It will be released the morning of April 26 to 27, also in our country (even if only in VOSE) courtesy of Movistar +, official distributor of Showtime content in Spain.

For its part, the North American premiere of the third season of ‘The Chi’, whose first trailer and poster you can see below, goes forward a couple of weeks, from the dawn of July 5 to 6 (with L) to the dawn of June 21 to 22 (with N).

A third season in which Jason Mitchell will no longer be a part and that, like the previous two, Fox Espaa TV is expected to premiere in our country through the video-on-demand services provided by pay-TV operators, to be possible, sometime this summer …

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