The new season of ‘Stranger Things’ will be the darkest of all

Due to the pandemic, the return to Hawkins from Stranger Things is becoming increasingly complex. But that doesn’t seem like bad news at all. The fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things will be the open door to a whole new dimension of history. And is not for less.

After nearly five years of adventures, the residents of America’s most mysterious town begin to leave childhood behind. And perhaps, with the leading quartet turned into a group of adolescents, the tone and rhythm of the program will have to change to a denser, more complex and perhaps darker tonic.

The above can be concluded from an interview that Finn Wolfhard, Mike Wheeler in fiction, gave to CBC during this week. In the conversation, one of the most visible faces of the program assured that the new episodes would be “something entirely new.” Which seems to coincide with the rumors of a story that breaks the pattern of “gang mystery” that Stranger Things had shown until now. “Every season it gets darker. Already in the third I was like ‘this is the darkest season I’ll ever be in’… But the fourth is definitely the darkest we’ve ever done. Every year it is amplified, and I am very excited for people to discover it. “

Of course, it’s about a conjunction of situations that have made recording more than complicated of the continuation of events in Hawkins. Recorded in the middle of the COVID-19 emergency, the filming has had to face a stoppage of more than six months due to sanitary restrictions, and longer and slower recordings. The result? Almost double the waiting months of what was originally planned.

‘Stranger Things’: no ​​specific date for the star Netflix series

For now, Netflix insists on stating inaccurately that most likely the premiere will happen this year. However, it has not flatly ruled out that it may be during the first great premiere in 2022. On the other hand, the platform has not allowed interest in one of its most famous productions to wane.

Months ago, a very short teaser was released in which the deceased and deeply mourned Hopper could be seen, apparently alive and trapped in what clearly appears to be in a Russian prison camp. On the other hand, it also brought the good news that Robert Englund will have a place in Hawkins.

To the delight of much of the fandom of the classic franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street, the actor will play the upset Victor Creel, a mysterious character about whom we know very little. But surely it is thanks Englund that rumors of a dark and disturbing season are still in the limelight. Weeks ago, Joe Keery, the man with the busiest hair in town, also insisted on “the darkness” of the new chapters. “I think this year, and I know I say it every year, the season is definitely going to be a lot scarier,” he said. So it only remains to wait for the promises to be fulfilled.

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