The new requirements to navigate are “unfeasible” and “onerous,” warned the US cruise union.

15 minutes. The International Cruise Lines Association (CLIA) on Monday asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States (USA) to lift the new “conditional navigation order” for COVID-19, in order to be able to resume travel this summer.

“Additional instructions for the cruise industry issued on April 2 by the (CDC), in the Framework for Conditional Navigation (CSO), they are disappointing“the CLIA noted in a statement.

The cruise association praised the “significant progress made in the US.” In his opinion, they are a “model for others” in the fight against the coronavirus. However, he noted that the “new requirements are excessively burdensome and largely unfeasible”.

The CDC recently updated the measures governing the pandemic for cruises from US ports. Despite this, they maintained the recommendation to the population not to embark for pleasure.

This is a new phase of the Conditional Navigation Order Framework effective October 30, according to the CDC. The government entity has received numerous requests to loosen the restrictions imposed on the cruise industry, especially from Florida.

For CLIA, these requirements “appear to reflect a zero risk objective”. Instead, they should use a “mitigation approach” to COVID-19, which is the foundation for all other sectors of our society, they said.

They call for a controlled return of cruise ship navigation in the US

This union understands that the effect of these “new mandates” means that “almost half a million Americans, from stevedores and ground transportation operators to hotels, restaurants and retail workers and travel agents, continue to suffer financiallySpecifically, as “a reasonable period for the safe return of the cruise” is not foreseen.

In the opinion of this association, the instructions of the CDC “are in disagreement” with the approach that this same organization and the governments of other parts of the world apply to all segments of travel and tourism to mitigate the risk of contagion.

Thus, urged the Administration to consider the “ample evidence supporting the lifting of the CSO” this month. Also, allow “the planning of a controlled return to service this summer.”

Likewise, they disagreed that the same day that the CDC issued new “burdensome requirements” for the cruise industry, the institution published a “relaxed guide for national and international travel.” Specifically, due to progress in vaccination and recognition of improvements in public health.

Outside of the CDC order, Several cruise lines, such as Miami-based Royal Caribbean, announced that they will resume their voyages this summer from ports in other countries, such as the Bahamas and Bermuda.. They will do so with restrictions and measures, for example, such as that all passengers over 18 must be vaccinated before boarding.