The new privacy panel comes to Android 12 with the second beta

Google has launched the second public beta of Android 12, the new version of its mobile operating system. The update includes, as a novelty, the privacy panel. This is an Android feature that allows the user to know, in detail, what permissions the applications use.

This section is visible from the system settings, in the “Privacy” section. The main page of the new privacy panel offers a chart with the most used permissions for 24 hours, as well as access to detailed information on all the permissions available in the operating system.

By default, the privacy panel shows three of the most sensitive permissions: location, camera and microphone. When accessing them we can see a history with the time that each application has passed using the permission, it is also possible to display a tab to see if the applications have made use of other system processes, such as the calendar, call log, telephone, etc.

Each section has a shortcut to the permission management option applications, where we can deny access to that process. In this way, it is easier to detect if an app is making an incorrect use of the location or the microphone, for example.

The new version of Android also shows a visual alert —A small green dot at the top of the screen — every time an app uses the camera or microphone.

Other new features of Android 12 Beta 2

The second public beta of Android 12 includes slight design improvements in the shortcut panel. Now, when clicking on the button to change the Wi-Fi connection or activate mobile data, a pop-up window will appear at the bottom. In the previous version, pressing the button redirected to the system settings page. This small change will make the experience of connecting to a Wi-Fi network or activating the mobile data network more comfortable and simple.

Google continues without activating the redesign of the interface, known as Material You. The beta 2 of Android 12 has small aesthetic changes in the notifications and settings section, but not all of what Google announced is yet present.

The new beta version of Android is available, for the moment, on Google Pixel terminals. Those users who wish to install it can do so through the official Android website. Users who already have the first version can update their operating system at Settings> System> System update.

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