Turbo boost is the name of the new card that The Pokémon Company has presented to us for the Pokémon Trading Card Game, JCC or TCG (Trading Card Game) if you prefer. This card, whose art you can see a little further down, is one of the novelties that have been introduced in the game to turn our strategies around and that, as you can imagine by the name, Turbo Reinforcement will reinforce one of our pokémon and can become the key to attack our opponent and turn around a game that was getting difficult for us. Below you will see the exact effect that this new card has. We take advantage and we leave you with the trailer of Max Raid, the new way to play with our favorite Pokémon Trading Card Game cards.

Willing to turn the fighting around

Flip a coin. If heads, attach 1 Basic Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Basic Pokémon that is not a Pokémon GX. » So says the description of this letter and it is that Turbo Reinforcement, has properties similar to others that were in the past as Water Reinforcement, which allowed us to attach a Water Energy card to one of our Pokémon of that type on our Bench. With Turbo Boost things change as does not limit us to a specific type of Pokémon or that are in the Bank, simply requires that we have some Basic Pokémon at stake, so we must think carefully about the best time to evolve our Pokémon. As if that were not enough, add the beloved and hated in equal parts, a chance factor, since it requires the toss of a coin to activate its effect. The good part is that if we miss the launch we have no penalty and this card, despite depending on luck, It will come in handy for players who focus on using cards with effects in their discard pile.

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Turbo boost won’t break the game, far from it, but It is a very interesting letter that opens up new possibilities in our games and that on more than one occasion can turn those fights around where it seems that we have nothing to do. It is very interesting how you try to balance the game with new Trainer cards while creating more Pokémon cards with very special effects. Instead of just creating more and more powerful cards that make us constantly restructure our deck, these contributions to the Trainer cards give us more options to defend ourselves from the most difficult situations. But, tell us: Will you put this card to good use? Will it greatly affect your current strategies? Leave us your opinion in the comments section below. This news was made possible thanks to materials provided exclusively by The Pokémon Company.