Adobe has just announced a wide batch of enhancements and new features for Creative Cloud apps. However, few have received as much attention this time as the good old Photoshop, especially in one particular aspect: subject selection.

With the latest Photoshop update for the desktop, special emphasis has been placed on the level of detail that the program can capture in a photo to isolate the subject, in fact, isolating a subject from the background in a portrait automatically is easier and “perfect” than ever.

Isolate every last hair of a subject from the background in a few clicks

This short video demo shows us how simple it is to select the subject in great detail, almost down to the last hair. This is possible thanks to a new set of additional algorithms that make one-click portraits selections in Photoshop are better than ever.

First, subject selection now detects content and applies a series of custom algorithms when it finds a person on the scene, and second, the treatment applied to the hair has been greatly improved.

Select Hair PhotoshopSeleccion Pelo Photoshop The difference between selecting an object before versus now

Hair that is often quite difficult to detect, select and trim has been the challenge to overcome. But this also applies to other subjects with lines as detailed as a person’s hair in a portrait.

The process is as easy as opening a photo in Photoshop and clicking on Selection > Subject. It can be used either with the object selection tool, or with the magic wand. Then you can choose “Select and apply mask“to add or remove parts of the selection and clean it if necessary.

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The new Photoshop brings a dramatic improvement to the subject selection tool that detects every last hair