The new paid DLC for Dead Cells already has a release date

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Dead Cells is one of the most beloved indie games of recent years and so it’s good to see that it hasn’t stopped receiving content. If you get excited every time MotionTwin expands its experience, you should know that its next paid DLC already has a release date.

According to MotionTwin, Fatal falls It will be available from January 26. This downloadable content pack is considered the second paid expansion and will be sold for $ 4.99 USD.

But what can you expect from this downloadable content? The first thing that will catch your attention is that it includes a couple of new areas: The Fractured Shrines and The Unndying Shores. The first one we mention is a location full of traps and falls. The second is a dark area with different dangers.

Another point that you should keep in mind is that Fatal falls also welcomes her to a new boss for Dead Cells. This is The Scarecrow, an enraged version of the NPC known as Royal Gardener.

To finish, you should know that there will be 8 weapons. One of them is a flying sword that serves as a pet and can eliminate enemies. You can see more about this DLLC below:

It is worth mentioning that Fatal falls It will be available in a bundle that includes Dead Cells and all its DLC for $ 19.99 USD.

And to you, what did you think of this content? Are you excited to play the new content for Dead Cells? Tell us in the comments.

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