As we had previously announced the MVP plan in relation to the formation of a new group It was already being seen with their first alliance with Bobby Lashley that such a union made them become an unstoppable duo and as a result of that alliance there is a strong bond between MVP and Lashley.

TOPollo Crews had the opportunity to join or accept that MVP was his manager but his negative decision was not the best one since after the feud they had lost the title of the United States due to the fact of not appearing in the extreme rules event and the winner and new champion is MVP.

In the face of these events Shelton Benjamín joined as a new member of the MVP group and decided to join them forming a renewed trio and with a determined and confident attitude about the purposes they intend to achieve in WWE. And one of them was the MVP’s conquest of the United States title, to mention that Shelton Benjamin also obtained the championship 24/7, leaving a message to the entire roster of superstars who are determined and will go for everything and for everyone.

We still don’t know if MVP has in mind to add another member to the faction but has shown that he returned with everything and with the clear objectives of having the most dominant group of the year 2020 a faction equal to or better than other groups such as The Shield, Evolution and others, but without a doubt there will be much more to see from this faction to Summerslam because the three Superstars have been in the company for a long time and have the necessary experience to own the strings and finish off their rivals who appear on their way.

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