The New Mutants is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of the year, but its multiple delays have made many begin to question the viability and reality of its release in theaters. This mistrust translates into several suggestions so that you better choose to launch the adventure in streaming, but this would not be possible.

In an interview with Collider, the director Josh Boone revealed the reason why there would be no place for the scenario in which the superhero footage arrived at our homes in the digital format in the first instance:

« With most movies, you have to sign contracts that guarantee their release in cinemas. So first of all, it would have to be released [en complejos] so it can go digital. We would love for people to see it in theaters, but obviously it would have to be at the right time, when it is safe to return. ”

In short, the main stumbling block for us to witness the first Marvel horror movie from the comfort of our couch is something known as a distribution window. Usually, the period between a production reaching theaters and then the home-made format is approximately three months.

So if everything goes smoothly and the movie goes public on August 28 (as stipulated in the recent Disney-Fox calendar redesign), it will likely hit video on-demand platforms in mid-November or early December.

Now, it is known that there are other premieres that were planned for theaters and were moved to VOD. Here, the explanation is just as simple. Films like Artemis Fowl or The One and Only Ivan – which were contemplated to be released in theaters – always belonged to the house of the mouse, while The New Mutants was already being developed within 20th Century long before the studio and all its properties were absorbed. That is, there was already a previously signed document.

On the other hand, it is also possible that the reluctance to publicize the work to fans through the small screen is due to the fact that belongs to a franchise that already has an established record of breaking free in complexes.

While waiting for The New Mutants to arrive in both theaters and streaming, they can find out what happened inside their panel at the recent Comic-Con @ Home 2020.

20th Century Pictures streaming the new mutants

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