The new model that comes from the Tesla Roadster already appeared on The Simpsons and belongs to a famous Hollywood star

Tesla has made several cameos in different animated series and it is not the first they make in The Simpsons. It may not be the last either.

Tesla It is not a mega producer of vehicles that floods the world market. But if it is a car manufacturer that is gradually gaining strength. Electric sports cars are becoming more common every day. So they do it with quality, price and publicity. Like the cameos that appeared in animated series like The Simpson. That is why we bring you the most recent, present in the famous family of Springfield.

This is the next market launch for the company owned by Elon musk. The Tesla Roadster, version that came out in 2017 and is marketed this run over 2020. His most recent appearance was in an episode of The Simpsons. Specifically in the fifth episode of the thirty-second season, as reviewed by Inside EVs.

The Simpsons and the Tesla Roadster

During the episode mentioned Tesla Roadster appears parked. It is owned by the famous Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The car has several differences from the original. Perhaps the cartoonists did it on purpose as a marketing strategy. This can help followers to point out every detail and thus get to know the electric vehicle. It also generates an identity between the brand and the user.

The Roadster is being loaded in the garage of DiCaprio’s mansion and there is one of its big differences from the original. He receives his load from the right side in the animated series. Actually all Tesla designs are loaded from the left.

There are also details in the headlights and edge colors. However, it is broadly the spirit of the Tesla Motors vehicle.