The new Mission Viejo bridge aims to facilitate daily commuting

The Oso Parkway Bridge is officially open, officials said Jan. 13 as they touted the project as one that will improve traffic flow and increase safety.

The new bridge provides motorists a direct connection between Los Patronas Parkway and the State Route 241 toll road by passing under it, rather than having to stop at a busy intersection with signs.

The bridge offers six lanes of travel, with three in each direction. It also provides bike lanes and sidewalks to improve accessibility for walking and biking.

A new sidewalk on the south side of Oso Parkway provides greater access to Tesoro High School, making travel to and from school easier and safer for students and their families, authorities said.

The project is a successful result of a partnership between the Transportation Corridor Agencies, which funded the project, Orange County Public Works, which oversaw the construction, and Caltrans, which owns the 241 toll road.

The nearly $ 40 million project was funded by the Transportation Corridor Agencies, without debt. It was financed with no additional debt or tax dollars.

Construction of the project began in 2018 and was completed in January. Approximately 60,000 hours of work were dedicated to the construction of the bridge.