Minecraft Dungeons is the new game from Mojang and Microsoft that has taken the popular world of blocks and turned it into a Diablo-style action RPG. The title was officially released on May 26 for consoles and PCs, and this latest version came with a few bugs.

However, the worst of all, luckily already solved, is one that was capable of erase all software from your disk if you tried to uninstall the game for any reason. So if you have installed the game using the Minecreaft Dungeons Launcher it is extremely important that you update as soon as possible.

“The naivety of the Minecraft Dungeons Launcher”

Minecraft Dungeons

The bug, which was reported a few hours after launch and solved in just 30 minutes after receiving that report (very well Mojang there), was a pretty critical mistake for any type of program.

A user had reported that he had the Minecraft Dungeons Launcher installed on his SSD with all his other games, when he tried to install the game the launcher did not let him do it in that location, so he uninstalled the launcher to install the game on his C drive: /, but what a surprise he got, when this deleted his entire collection of games installed on the SSD.

Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang's dungeon crawler, is the first game in the franchise that has really made me want to get into it.

According to Marcio Oliveria, developer of Mojang who explained the details of the bug, the problem was limited to those players who selected a custom location for the installation of the game:

The Minecraft Dungeons launcher was naively considering that only the files the launcher wrote were going to live there. So when the Launcher is uninstalled, the uninstall logic simply erased the entire location where the installation folder was, leaving no trace of any program files on the disk

Too bad Mojang there, basically they did not consider the possibility that a location chosen by the user could have any other program, and did not notice it during the tests. This bug only affected the version of the game that uses the Mojang Launcher, but not the one that is downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

Considering that at launch the Windows version has had multiple bugs, especially with multiplayer, crossplay, or infinite loading screens, it is a relief that they solved this problem so quickly, because more than one would choose to uninstall and reinstall the game, and you could take this unpleasant surprise.

         The new Minecraft Dungeons was released with a bug that could erase all the programs from your disk if you uninstalled it