EdgeHTML-based Microsoft Edge never exceeded 3% share of usage in the desktop browser market, according to NetMarketShare data. The figure is dramatic, if we consider that we are talking about the pre-installed browser with Windows 10 since its launch in 2015, and it has not been a precisely unsuccessful operating system.

Nevertheless, Microsoft decided to abandon its engine after four years of stagnation and not even beat Internet Explorer (hence IE Mode was launched as a secure tab). The new Microsoft Edge has been based on Chromium, and although it is still early to draw conclusions about what its future will be like, March usage figures are very positive. They are by themselves, but also for having surpassed Firefox.

At the time of the announcement that Microsoft Edge would be based on Chromium, Edge’s market share was 4.09%, below Firefox and Internet Explorer. Since then, growth has been gradual, but In just three months it has accelerated, going from 6.07% in December to 7.59% today.

The new Edge is liked, but the decline of Firefox and Internet Explorer has been a long-standing trend

The figures of the new Microsoft Edge are positive, and it is a reality that we liked the browser much more than the previous version, a fact that may have accelerated its adoption. Within the analysis that we can do focusing on their numbers, probably the most interesting thing is that wins without Chrome barely losing: it was at 67% at the end of 2018, and is above 68% in 2020.

Thus, the most curious thing is that Edge is growing at the cost of two other classics that lose much more than Chrome earns. Firefox has gone from 14% in 2016 to 7.19% in March 2020. Something truly dramatic for Mozilla, considering the praises its browser has received since the Quantum versions, and all the efforts they are making to distinguish themselves in privacy on the web.

Internet Explorer itself is more expected, since Microsoft itself wants us to stop using it: “it is not a browser, it is a compatibility solution,” they said in 2019.

         The new Microsoft Edge convinces and has already outperformed Firefox, which continues to drop a lot despite Quantum