Conmebol unveiled this Wednesday night the new measures in place to help combat the coronavirus when the powers of the Libertadores Cup and South American.

In addition to the new issues that were adopted, the mother entity of South American football resolved that five modifications may be applied to the list in good faith before the resumption of competitions, beyond the five that were already allowed for the knockout stages. of the Liberators.

Prohibition for players and officials to spit and sweat the nose before, during and after the match in the competition area (playing field, reserve bank).
 Prohibition for players and officials to kiss the ball before, during and after the game.
 Mandatory for players and officials to undergo temperature controls before the game.
 Mandatory for players and officials to use individual bottles of water or isotonic drinks.
 Prohibition of exchanging / giving away shirts or any other part of the clothing with rivals or colleagues from the same team or any other person.
 Mandatory use of a mask for players and officials who are in the substitute bank.
 The exchange of pennants or presents between both captains is prohibited.
 In the event that flash interview and / or post-match press conference is enabled, a mask or face shield should be used.

In addition, it decided to reduce the value of the fines established in the Disciplinary Code and the Competition Regulations to collaborate with the economies of the clubs. Beyond all the measures, the Conmebol did not mention restart date for tournaments.