The new Kia EV6 could release names for its trim levels

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The Kia EV6 It is the model that has sounded all the alarms. The progression of the Korean firm was known throughout the sector, but this model has been a turning point. It is so important that without even making noise they have passed over opponents as tough as the Volkswagen Group. But beware, this model is the beginning of what is to come and for this, many things still have to change within the commercial structure of the firm.

With the EV6 Kia officials want to follow a similar path to that of Hyundai and IONIQ. They do not have the privilege of having a sub-brand in its range, but they are going to create a new family. This is much more ecological than the one you have sold so far and this, of course, deserves a distinction. Therefore, they would have gone to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to apply for legal protection of a name series.

Kia, would have registered with the EUIPO, the names: EV6 Air, EV6 Earth, EV6 Light and EV6 Water …

Rear of EV6

Rear of EV6

According to various sources, including Kia EV Forum, the finishes of the EV6 will be different in Europe. The announcement comes accompanied by a series of screenshots of the registration requests. However, as much as we have looked at the EUIPO we have not found these results. However, we have taken a look at the firm’s web configurator for the United Kingdom and we have seen that yes, the range has changed and has new names for its levels.

For now it is not official, but it seems that the EV6 will enjoy four different finishes. We do not know if they go in this order, but they are called in the following way: EV6 Air, EV6 Earth, EV6 Light Y EV6 Water. In theory, the most “basic” is the “Air” although this could change depending on the market in question. This source also indicates that the access version would also be available in Spain. However, for the time being Web not listed.

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Be that as it may, it seems like a very successful strategy. The translation of these words are: Air, Earth, Light and Water. They seem very appropriate to associate them with the sales process of an electric model that promises more than 500 kilometers of autonomy with a charge of its batteries. We will have to be very attentive to how the Spanish division of Kia acts to structure the range of this model. His future will depend on its success, although it seems bright.

In the next few days we will make a new search in EUIPO to see if, in the end, we find the results …

Source – Kia UK – Kia EV Forums

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