The new iPhone SE will have 5G, but it will arrive until 2022, according to Kuo

If you are one of the people who expected to see the new iPhone SE During this year, we have bad news for you. Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most recognized sources about future Apple products, believes that the aforementioned terminal will arrive during the first semester of 2022. The wait, yes, it will be worth it, because Apple’s most basic terminal would arrive with important news so as not to be left behind with respect to its older brothers.

In statements collected by ., Kuo points out that the new iPhone SE will offer support for 5G networks, a feature that is already common throughout the mobile phone industry. Despite the fact that 5G is still far from being the most popular proposal worldwide, more and more countries are jumping on the train. It is for this reason that manufacturers, including Apple, are preparing their smartphones for the next generation of mobile connectivity.

In the specific case of those from Cupertino, their first steps in 5G came with the iPhone 12. The entire family of the terminal, from the iPhone 12 mini to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, offer compatibility with 5G networks. Thus, the new iPhone SE will take a step forward. Now, taking into account the energy consumption required by 5G, it will be interesting to see how Apple solves the issue in a small device.

The new iPhone SE will debut a processor

Additionally, Kuo mentions that the new iPhone SE will debut a new processor, although it does not go into greater detail. The “current” model, which saw the light in 2020, integrates the A13 Bionic, an SoC that allowed it to offer high-end performance. When it comes to design, apparently there won’t be too many changes. The 4.7-inch screen and the frames that we all know would remain.

Before the new iPhone SE, Apple will launch the new generation of the premium range. That is, the iPhone 13. Various analysts agree that the presentation event will be held on September 14. If the information is correct, Apple would resume the pre-pandemic calendaras the iPhone 12 keynote was delayed until October 2020 due to inconveniences in the Asian production chain.

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