The new IONIQ 5 will be available on a subscription program in late 2021

In just a few days, the new IONIQ 5 will be presented. It is the first new generation electric model of the Korean brand, developed on a new specific platform. A crossover with 4.6 meters, with ample interior space and an impressive technological load. The first IONIQ will be in carsharing services by the end of 2021.

With the new IONIQ 5 which is about to debut, Hyundai wants to show that the most advanced technology is not a private preserve of Premium brands and that may be available to many more clients. For some, it is a real war that Volkswagen is fighting, and it is actually its main competitor. But in the field of electric cars, it is too.

Just note that the first IONIQ model will feature the exclusive 800 Volt charging technologyToday only within the reach of the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT, and which Mercedes has given up on understanding that recharging a battery with such power degrades the life of the energy storage device more quickly. Koreans aim to make this technology more popular, largely what customers are looking for: shorten loading times as much as possible.

Teaser IONIQ 5 2021 - interiorDetail of the front of the interior of the new IONIQ 5, without a central tunnel and a large screen

The new IONIQ 5, an important competitor with arguments for the Volkswagen ID.4

And it is to get 100 kilometers of autonomy in just 5 minutes, Y 80% of the total battery capacity in just 18 minutes, It is no longer only the most luxurious available. Although prices are not known, the IONIQ 5 will not be cheap. News that we already know from the different teasers and the special monitoring that we have maintained, and that it will be an important competitor for German and Japanese brands.

Hyundai has confirmed that deliveries will not be delayed, and that those corresponding to special launch editions will be delivered in mid-2021. A very ambiguous term that our informants point out by early summerWhile the normal versions of the model will begin to be delivered – the first, Germany and Austria – from September. In the rest of European countries, including Spain, will arrive between the end of November and the beginning of December.

The Korean firm has also expanded the possibilities to have an IONIQ 5, through a subscription program that will also be launched from the end of the year. It is the intention and what is currently being worked on, especially for all those who want to test the model, and the advanced technologies that it carries. Not only its features, but also the charging system or the solar cell roof, for a period of at least three months.

The limited edition of the new IONIQ 5 “Project 45”, on sale since the world debutThe limited edition of the new IONIQ 5 “Project 45”, on sale since the world debutRead news