Just a year ago, Sara Carbonero confessed that she had undergone surgery for ovarian cancer.This news came like a jug of cold water in the familyafter her husband Iker Casillas’ heart attack in March.

At 35, the journalist spent this moment surrounded by all her family and friends like Isabel Jiménez. Thanks to that and to the will power she has tried not to lose her smile. For the couple, the summer was very different between doctors, tests and uncertainties: “Suddenly the most everyday and banal things in the world have stopped being so to become unique and magical moments, many problems have suddenly disappeared. I feel my people closer than ever and I’m laughing, I think like I never have before. Because life is like that, a constant change, a precious but poisoned gift “explained Sara Carbonero in her profile.

The sports journalist has stayed away from the media focus, taking her recovery with the utmost discretion. This May 26, 2020, Sara Carbonero wanted to show off her new look change,a garçon or mullet haircutwhich is sure to become a trend.

This 90s style is back and very seriously. It is not like the traditional one, more popular in men, with the bangs combed back like a toupee.“The new version: the Mullet 2.0 shows a fringe accompanied by a short temple and a back with longer hair”, points Mario Anes, artistic director of Cotril Spain.

There are already many ‘celebrities’ who have joined this daring fashion and with a certain air of rebellion. Actress Úrsula Corberó (whostands out for wearing the mullet in all its versions), Miley Cyrus or one of the ‘it girls’ of the moment: Zendaya.

The good thing about the mullet is that it works very well in both straight and curly hair and it doesn’t matter what the texture of your hair is.You can work it with waves, leave it smooth, with a wet effect or leave it in an unstructured way. Whichever style represents you the most, remember to have a perfect product to mold it.