The new image of Iglesias without a ponytail reaches half of Europe

The publication of the photography of the new image of Pablo Iglesias with short hair and without a “ponytail” or bow exclusively given by the newspaper La Vanguardia not only has caused a sensation and a stir in Spain. They have echoed the aesthetic change of the former vice president of the Government and the farewell to his “legendary” ponytail, as some international media call it.

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On France, where the news has been picked up in the media What France24 Y TV5 Through the Agence France-Presse, they highlight the new direction of Iglesias both in terms of his appearance and his career and relate both to a certain extent. “See you later, ponytail. First he left the government, then he left politics. And now the Spanish Pablo Iglesias has taken another step in the change by cutting its characteristic long locks ”, it can be read in France24.

New look for a new life: Pablo Iglesias, the former leader of Spain’s radical left party Podemos, made his first appearance on Wednesday since he retired from politics sporting short hair, ”they have published on TV5. Both French media echo that for years some media have dubbed Iglesias “the pigtail” and that now “They will have to find another nickname for him.”

Politico, a portal specializing in coverage of politics and its leaders in the European Union, points out that “the former leader of Podemos He cuts his hair as a break after leaving politics”. And he insists on the idea shared by the majority of combining having “cut his ties with politics” and later with “his characteristic ponytail”.

From Italy, in La Repubblica, they have echoed the exclusive of La Vanguardia journalist Pedro Vallín stating that “after leaving politics, he also decided to get rid of his ponytail. Pablo Iglesias, the former leader of United We Can, her ‘legendary’ ponytail has been cut”.

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Others English media, as Pledge Times and Breaking Latest News have also informed their users of the new image of Pablo Iglesias. In the first of them, they also recall that Íñigo Errejón “considered that the best strategy to capture votes was to capture the candidate and his queue on the ballots so that voters would associate them with Podemos” in his day, when they were still close. In addition, they explain that the book with which Iglesias poses is ¡Me cago en Godard!, Whose author is Pedro Vallín, the journalist who has given the exclusive.

In Breaking Latest News, for its part, they refer to the ponytail of the former leader of United Podemos and founder of the left-wing party as “legendary” as they do in La Repubblica.

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