The new iMac 2021 would have a model with a very large screen, beyond 27 inches | Technology

In addition to betting on a radical design change, the new 2021 iMac would significantly increase their screen size.

One of the announcements expected for 2021 is the advent of the line of iMac 2021, which will be launched under different models to the market, and one of them could offer a screen above 27 inches, the maximum bet by Apple so far in this range.

The information comes from the L0vetodream filter, via 9to5mac, who has commented that in the next redesign of the iMac scheduled for this year, we will have a surprise, given that one of the models will have a very large screen, exceeding the maximum of the current line of devices.

It should be remembered that Apple currently sells iMac in various sizes, specifically a 21.5-inch model and a 27-inch model. If this leak is true, Apple would launch a new model of the iMac 2021 with a screen greater than 27 inches.

It was already known that the new iMac would present a radical redesign, something quite logical considering that the current iMac that we have on the market have been betting on a continuous design in the last eight years with extremely large screen bezels for current times.

The new iMac is likely to be inspired by the aesthetics of the iPad Pro 2018, thus offering reduced bezels and flatter sides. In fact, recent rumors, specifically from Bloomberg, indicated that the new iMac would look similar to the Pro Display XDR.

It had previously been pointed out that the new iMac 2021 in a smaller screen model would amount to 24 inches, compared to 21 inches of the current one. If this were the case, it would also be logical to think that the current 27-inch iMac would also see its size grow ostensibly, perhaps up to 32 inches. This would not mean that the body of the model is larger than the current one since the bezels would have been reduced.

The new 2021 iMac line is expected to debut later this year with a next-gen Apple Silicon chip, presumably after the summer.