The new Hyundai Santa Cruz is finally seen in these official teasers

The first time we heard about the Hyundai Santa Cruz was six years ago. To be more exact, it was at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, when it showed the world its first prototype. From then until today, history has changed so much that little remains of that original concept. In fact, in August 2016 the brand itself announced that the design of your first pick up it was already finished and it was final.

However, nothing beyond reality. The irruption of the autonomous driving and the electric mobility They have turned the automotive sector around. Thus, Hyundai has had to “put aside” this project to focus on more important things. Among the advances it has made is the development of a new modular base that serves to give life to the new Santa Cruz. From there his story is reborn and here are the first official teasers.

The aesthetics of the new Hyundai Santa Cruz is based on that of the Tucson

They are four dark images, but they show what the design of the new Hyundai Santa Cruz. We knew that I’d drink Tucson style, but not that it would be a total carbon copy. Of course, the side view and the rear will change, although just enough to adapt to the pick up philosophy. Therefore, we will have a cabin with space for five passengers and a cargo bath large enough to carry up to a ton.

The interior has not yet distributed images or teasers, although we are convinced that it will follow the aesthetic pattern seen in its “brother.” In both sections we are going to take few surprises, but the mechanical offer could be innovative. The South Korean brand assures that it will arrive with powerful and efficient mechanics, so it would not be surprising that a hybrid or one hundred percent electric version is planned.

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This render of the Hyundai Santa Cruz Pick Up looks like the definitive one, doesn’t it?

According to statements by José Muñoz, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor North America…

“The Hyundai santa cruzWith its bold styling, it opens up entirely new segment territory, both for Hyundai and for the industry as a whole. The open box flexibility, along with the security of the enclosed cabin, meets the changing daily needs of its adventure-oriented buyers, while powerful and efficient motors and excellent maneuverability ensure that it is a pleasure to drive in urban or off-road environments. Our customers will wonder how they managed before having one “

its official debut is scheduled for the next day April 15 so there is nothing left to see. That is, if an unwanted leak ruins the surprise.

Source – Hyundai