The new Honda HR-V e debuts: HEV 2021, the new Japanese B-SUV

The new Honda HR-V e: HEV 2021 has just been unveiled. New generation of the mid-size SUV, which debuts a completely new image, both outside and inside, sporting a more modern style, which will begin to be seen on the roads since the end of the year, only with a hybrid version.

The Japanese brand was scheduled to present another preview of its new Honda HR-V e: HEV, a design-related advance. But the manufacturer has just surprised by fully unveiling the new SUV with which they intend to storm the B-segment market, and that will go on sale in Japan at the end of April, earlier than in Europe.

A more than ambitious bet, which sports a completely new design, breaking Honda’s schemes. Very avant-garde ahead, with a very vertical and flat front, with very thin headlights that are fused with a completely unpublished grill in the Japanese brand, with multiple very thin chrome bars. A perfectly integrated design in the front, together with a clean bumper, limiting cooling to the bottom of the bumper.

Photo Honda HR-V e: HEV - exteriorThe rear three-quarter view of the new Honda HR-V e: HEV offers sportier styling with a coupe shape

The new Honda HR-V e: HEV will go on sale in Europe at the end of the year

The whole set is a faithful reproduction of the Honda SUV e: concept presented at the end of last summer, with a side that shows sportier styling thanks to a greater slope of the rear pillar. Honda stylists have also taken the opportunity to host the rear door handles on the windows themselves. At the rear, the HR-V features the extended light clusters spanning the entire width of the gate, joined by a thin bar.

Honda has shown the first images of the interior of the Japanese model, with the steering wheel on the right, although the structure in the form of “L” will be unique. A very design elegant, sporty and with a certain retro air, in which an influence of the new Honda and. The steering wheel features a round center, and behind it a digital instrument panel, while the console has been simplified to the maximum with a module of the climate control retaining aluminum knobs. Above, a high resolution touch screen for the infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, among other solutions.

A spacious interior for five passengers with the seats “Honda Magic Seats”, and with a boot of regular shapes that does not present interference of technology hybrid self-recharginge: HEV. The system is known from the Jazz, with a gasoline engine of 1.5 liters and an added electric motor that acts as a generator, developing a maximum power of 109 hp.

Photo Honda HR-V e: HEV - interiorInterior detail of the new Honda HR-V e: HEV, the new B-SUV