The New HAARP in the World and the Chinese Super-HAARP

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The Ionospheric High Frequency Systems known as HAARPs, are huge devices with large antennas distributed over large areas to which very diverse utilities are attributed, ranging from long-distance communications to the possibility of modifying the climate in specific regions or even produce hurricanes.

The best known of all, is located in Gakona (Alaska), but there are many more distributed throughout the planet, countries such as Russia, Peru, China, Japan, Australia, India, Norway, England or Germany among others, have this type of artifacts.

Recently, it has been theorized about a HUGE HAARP built in China that we talked about at the end of the second video dedicated to this machine that seems military to us, due to the number of links it has with the different armies of the countries that control them.

We leave you with these two parts about the “HAARPs” that we hope you like.

The New HAARP Part 1 -What is HAARP?

The New HAARPs Part 2 – All HAARPs in the World

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