The new Google tool that can help detect diseases

05/19/2021 at 09:55 CEST

Google has unveiled a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help detect skin, hair and nail conditions, based on images uploaded by patients. A test of the “dermatology assistance tool”, presented at the tech giant Google IO’s annual developer conference, should launch later this year, he said.

The application has received the CE mark for use as a medical tool in Europe. A cancer expert said advances in AI could allow doctors to provide more personalized treatment to patients. AI can recognize 288 skin conditionsBut it is not designed to replace medical diagnosis and treatment, the firm said.

It has taken three years to develop and has been trained on a data set of 65,000 images of diagnosed conditionsas well as millions of images showing brands that people care about and thousands of images of healthy skin, in all shades and tones.

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