The new generation of F4 will delay its entry into force for ten months. The FIA ​​Single Seater Commission has made this decision for economic reasons, in an attempt to take advantage of this time to carry out a ‘cheaper cure’ for the single-seaters.

Current homologation standards date back seven years and new cars were expected to be available next year, but the FIA ​​is aware that costs must be substantially reduced at the bottom of the pyramid than that of speed motoring. , at least for the ‘single seater’.

“The World Council was informed that the Commission is carrying out a continuous evaluation of the global cost reduction measures for the single-seater categories. In this sense, it was approved to delay the introduction of the second-generation FIA Formula 4 car from 1 January 2021 to November 1, 2021, again to reduce costs, “said the Council in its statement.

The entry into force in November may seem strange to many, but it has its logic. By that time of year in Europe, the United States and Asia have already finished their championships, while the season begins in New Zealand, the Middle East, etc. since while we go towards winter they walk in the middle of spring towards summer – countries of the southern hemisphere – or have milder temperatures – the Middle East.

The new F4 will be ‘mild hybrid’. The car has been designed by KCMG, a team from Hong Kong. This car made its appearance at FIA Motorsport Games last year and was the one used by the drivers, with maintenance ensured by Hitech.

All in all, there will be a transition period of two years, until 2023, in which the current cars can continue to be used, even the National Authorities could insure with the current cars for their championships. The decision will be made in due course and will depend on the global economic evolution and that of each country in particular.

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