The new EVO3, a bifuel urban crossover, bursts onto the scene with an affordable price

The EVO range welcomes a new urban crossover. The new EVO3. The combustion alternative to the interesting electric car of the low-cost Italian brand is here. An SUV of restrained dimensions that stands out for its equipment and its sale price.

A few weeks ago EVO, the low-cost brand of DR Automobiles, introduced its new and very interesting model in its home market, Italy. The new EVO3 It burst onto the scene with the aim of captivating the public looking for an SUV of restrained dimensions, with full standard equipment, a bifuel mechanics and, above all, with an affordable sale price.

The commercial journey of the new EVO3 is already underway and although at the moment it is not available in Spain, taking into account the roadmap that the company is following, it is more than foreseeable that sooner or later it will end up in our old “bull’s skin ». This model with combustion mechanics is located in the EVO range as a more conventional alternative to EVO3 Electric that the Italian firm has been marketing for some time.

The new EVO3 with bifuel engine is already on sale in Italy

EVO3, an SUV to deal with the city

On an aesthetic level the EVO3
presents great novelties with respect to the electric model. On the front we find slightly revised light clusters, an open grille due to cooling needs and fog lights embedded in a new bumper. If we put the spotlight on the rear, there are also distinctive features. The bumper is different. The taillights keep the same shape.

EVO3 measurements

Measurements EVO3 Length 4,135 mm Width 1,750 mm Height 1,568 mm Wheelbase 2,490 mm

Leaving aside the exterior, if we venture inside we will be enveloped by an atmosphere similar to that of the other models in the EVO range. Hard plastics and inexpensive materials are the usual trend, but it conveys a sense of good assembly.

EVO3 - interiorLike the rest of the EVO range, the new EVO3 boasts standard equipment

The equipment of the new EVO3

One of the keys that will determine the commercial success of this model is its relationship between equipment and price. EVO has chosen to offer a wide endowment to attract potential customers. We list below the featured standard equipment of which this model boasts:

9-inch touchscreen multimedia system Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Rear view camera Front and rear parking sensors Automatic climate control Instrument cluster with on-board computer display Tire pressure sensor Cruise control and speed limiter Hill start assist ABS, ESC, EBD and ASRMultifunction steering wheelFront and rear center armrestsCentral locking with remote control

The bifuel engine of the new EVO3 adapted to LPG

Under the hood of the new EVO3 is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. It is associated with a Manual gearbox five-speed and a system of front-wheel drive. One of the keys to this block is that it is offered with a bifuel adaptation to be able to operate with LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). In other words, we are looking at a car that can use gas as fuel.

EVO3 - touch screenThe nine-inch touch screen that equips the new EVO3

In its conventional configuration it develops a power of 113 hp and 140 Nm of maximum torque. If automotive LPG is used as fuel, these figures drop to 107 hp and 138 Nm respectively.

EVO3 prices in Italy

Mechanical PVPEVO3 € 1,514,900 EVO3 1.5 LPG € 18,340

Prices valid from August / 2021 without including discounts or other promotions

EVO brand sales in Spain

How are things in Spain for this low-cost brand? So far in 2021, a total of three specimens have been registered in Spanish territory. Two EVO4 units and one EVO5. All these records are accounted for under the DR Automobiles brand. A firm that, as a whole, has 13 units sold in Spanish dealerships. Its most popular model is the DR6.

EVO3 - frontThe new EVO3 is offered with or without LPG adaptation

Italy is one of the main European markets for alternative fuels. In this country, a large number of bifuel vehicles adapted to both LPG and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) are marketed. Therefore, it should not surprise us that a brand so unknown in these parts decides to bet without complexes on this interesting mobility option.

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