the new date was “a bug” from PlayStation

The official PS5 website indicated that the game moved to the end of 2021, something that its study now denies.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was announced in June as a PlayStation console exclusive fantasy adventure for PC, PS4 and PS5. A first delay moved its release from the end of this year to the first quarter of 2021. And then, this week, the official PlayStation page listed the game for the “fourth quarter of 2021“, which made it understood that the game had been delayed again until the end of next year. However, the latter was nothing more than a mistake on Sony’s part.

We are working with Sony to correct the Ember Lab message.Through Twitter, the official account of Ember Lab, studio responsible for the development of the game, reaffirms that the launch window of Kena: Bridge of Spirits remains in the first trimester of 2021. And also, that the date of the PS5 website was nothing more than a typographical error that will be corrected: “Hello, that [la fecha] it’s a mistake and we are working with Sony to correct the message “, they comment, in response to another specialized medium.

“We remain on track for its launch in the first quarter of 2021 Thank you for your support! “, Ember Lab concludes in their networks. At the time of writing this news, we have returned to consult the official PlayStation website to see if the date had already been corrected, although still that wrong date is kept That has led to confusion. So, if you visit the website and come across that date again, fear not: Kena is still scheduled for early next year.

Announced in the summer, Kena: Bridge of Spirits was unveiled to the world in an action-packed, fantasy-packed launch trailer with eye-catching art. In the following months we also learned that the game will be updated for free from PS4 to PS5, and we have also learned various details of the adventure, such as its structure or the use of the DualSense controller in the gameplay. There are still a few months until its premiere, but for now, we invite you to review our analysis of PlayStation 5.

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