The new coronation of Agbegnenou!

combatjudo AURELIEN CANOT 6:13 p.m. – November 20, 2020

Already crowned four times, Clarisse Agbegnenou (-63kg) won a fifth European championship title this Friday in Prague. In the final, the quadruple world champion only needed a few seconds to defeat her opponent on an ippon. Gold medal also for Margaux Pinot, who thus retains her title, while Marie-Eve Gahié takes bronze.

And five for Clarisse Agbegnenou (28 years old). Already crowned European champion four times since her debut (in 2013, 2014, 2018 and 2019), the French judokate and scarecrow in the -63 kg category won a fifth European title, this Friday in Prague, by not making than a bite in the final of the Austrian Magdalena Krssakova, thrown from the entrance on a school yoko guruma (ippon). The quadruple world champion only needed 23 seconds to dictate her law to a Krssakova who was coming out of an impressive day which had notably seen the Austrian keep the Olympic champion of the Rio Games Tina out of her way. Trstenjak. Not enough to impress Agbegnenou, who immediately passed the arm and threw himself with all the power and the explosiveness which make his strength, without leaving the slightest chance to his opponent. And to think that the native of Rennes, who had not fought since her victory at the Paris Tournament last February, had decided to compete in these European Championships only ten days before making the Marseillaise ring again.


A few minutes after Clarisse Agbegnenou crowned Les Bleues day with a fifth European coronation, Margaux Pinot got up to speed by also winning gold, in the -70 kg category. Already crowned during the last edition, the representative of the Blanc-Mesnil club retained her title by also showing herself expeditiously in the final, against the Dutch van Dijke, also beaten on ippon. Pinot thus brings a third star on the French team’s counter after two days of competition after the gold medals of Shirine Boukli the day before and Agbegnenou on Friday.


Just before, the world number 2 in the category and compatriot of Pinot Marie-Eve Gahié had offered herself a very nice consolation prize by winning the match for the bronze medal at the expense of the German Butkereit. Unlike the other two French women, the world champion however had to be more patient before she also got the better of her opponent. Pinot in gold, Gahié in bronze, in the -70kg category, France, above everyone else, can see it coming. Only problem: only one Habs will defend the colors belu, white, red during the Tokyo Games. The fight promises to be unbreathable.