The new cast of ‘the Crown’ for its final stretch

Season 4 of The Crown recently premiered on Netflix. We said that it is the return of an impeccable series, since it is undoubtedly one of the best made and ambitious series on the platform. The history of the reign of Elizabeth II has not stopped impacting in this television adaptation by Peter Morgan.

As we well know, The Crown has changed cast a few timesas it has told the story of the Windsor family over the course of several decades. Thus, the first season of The Crown spanned the period from 1947 to 1955. The second from 1956 to 1964 and the third season ran from 1964 to 1977. The fourth installment covers the year 1979 to 1990. A time when one of the most important events in the royal family occurred: the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981.

Previously, the showrunner said that The Crown would come to an end in season five. However, in June 2020 it was announced that the ambitious series would have a sixth installment. We must take into account that, even with the confirmation of this season, it will be possible to tell the story of the royal family of the United Kingdom to this day. Either way it is a surprising and unique adaptation.

The new cast of ‘The Crown’

Queen Isabel

Claire Foy was in charge of playing Queen Elizabeth II during seasons 1 and 2. Then it was Olivia Colman in seasons 3 and 4. For the last two installments, Imelda Staunton has been confirmed, yes, the unforgettable Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter.

Prince philip

Matt Smith played the prince consort during seasons 1 and 2. During seasons 3 and 4 we saw Tobias Menzies; who will leave the role for Jonathan Pryce to resume it for the last few seasons.

Lady D

In season four of The Crown, perhaps one of the most iconic characters of the royal family was finally addressed: Lady D. The “People’s Princess” was played by Emma Corrin in season four, but for the fifth installment it will be Elizabeth Debicki . For reasons we all know, Debicki will only be on the show for the next season.

Princess margaret

Vanessa Kirby was the actress who played the queen’s sister during seasons 1 and 2. For seasons 3 and 4 it was none other than Helena Bonham Carter in charge of the role. For the last installments, it will be Lesley Manville who plays the peculiar princess.

Prince carlos

The heir to the throne was played by little Billy Jenkins in seasons 1 and 2. In the third installment, Josh O’Connor was introduced as Prince Charles. In this particular case, the new person in charge of the role is not entirely confirmed, as it is said that Dominic West will be the one who will receive O’Connor’s witness to reprise the role in the new seasons.

The season of season 5

As we said above, the fourth season of The Crown narrated the events of the royal family until 1990. The fifth installment, therefore, will cover the events of the nineties and the sixth season the first decade of the current new century..

The era that The Crown season 5 will cover was very complex for the Windsor family. Only in 1992 did the queen’s three children divorce. But in addition, the Windsor Palace fire took place, which left very important material and artistic losses. For this reason, that year it was called by the queen herself as ‘annus horribilis’.

On the other hand, the divorce between Carlos and Diana took place in 1996. Fact that made Lady D the only non-royal princess in the history of the United Kingdom. Also, in 1997 was when the princess lost her life in a car accident.

The premiere of the new season of ‘The Crown’

In 2016 The Crown was released by Netflix. The second season would arrive in 2017; however, we had to wait until 2019 for the third installment. As we well know, the fourth season premiered in 2020. The bad news is that the fifth will not arrive next year, but in 2022. This is because filming is scheduled for summer 2021.

Either way, we have a great new season to enjoy. As well as all the previous seasons that are available on Netflix.

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