The new BMW M3 G80, more aggressive with M Performance accessories [vídeo]

The new BMW M3 G80 is already on sale. Specifically, the M3 Competition that comes with a very sporty design, although discreet for some. For those who are aesthetically essential, BMW M presents a video with optional accessories from M Performance.

There is no doubt that there are so many different tastes. For many, the new BMW M3 it is an aesthetic disaster, and for many others a radical change and that seemed more than necessary in this sports version. A crying request for a little more distinction compares with the conventional versions of the Series 3, a special personality due to its character.

This quality has been achieved with the new front designdominated by the thinner, disconnected headlamps from the grille, as well as the new grille design that completely changes the physiognomy of one of the stars of BMW M. The new vertical grille, with the double horizontal bars painted in black And with the large openings in the bumper they give that greater aggressiveness that was missed. Still, there are those who are looking for an extra, who are looking for it outside the firm.

The new 2021 BMW M3 shows its more aggressive side with original M Performance accessories

In order not to resort to external suppliers or tuning specialists, those of the BMW sports division have presented a video showing the special finish transmitted by the optional accessories of BMW M Performance Parts for the G80. And is that the saloon stands out especially for the body paint in two colors, bright red and black patches on the sides or the front bumper, which features a carbon lower lip spoiler that increases sportiness.

In addition, two discreet horizontal fins at the ends of the bumper add more distinction, as the skirts that lower the height of the body even more, the 19-inch front and 20-inch forged alloy wheels at the rear, the CFRP rear view mirrors or the impressive rear. Undoubtedly, it almost attracts more attention than the front with the huge spoiler supported by two masts or the four exhaust terminals in the center stacked on top of each other.

A system made of titanium that reduces the weight by 5 kilograms, one more of the impressive accessories that BMW offers and with which you do not want to give up anything with the new sports saloon, with which you throw the house out the window in all aspects . The wide range of options also includes customizations with retro graphics in BMW Motorsport colors.

The new BMW M3 G80 equipped with M Performance Parts rear accessories