In addition to presenting the Apple Watch Series 6, the company wanted to surprise us with the new Apple Watch SE. A watch that follows the path of the iPhone SE that has given the company such good results, with cutting-edge functions and some absences that allow a more affordable sale price. With this model, Apple hopes to further broaden its user base without having to resort to discounted older models.

New Apple Watch SE: a Series 5 with almost everything you could want

Watch SE

He new Apple Watch SE It takes advantage of the design released by the Apple Watch Series 4 two years ago. While a design prior to the unveiled was expected, with this we will have a larger screen and identical in size to that of the Series 6. At first glance, there will be no way to distinguish it from the more modern models.

Apple Watch SE has with other key functionalities that make it a very attractive model. Among them we find the following:

S5 processor, the same as the Apple Watch Series 5. This processor is up to twice as fast as the S3 from Series 3. It has an always-on compass and altimeter. It can be used for swimming and swimming monitoring. It has optional 4G.

Regarding the software, watchOS 7 also brings sleep monitoring, new spheres and the possibility of sharing them with our contacts, among other novelties.

Apple Watch SE: price and availability

The Apple Watch SE offers a series of features of great interest at a lower price than the top model. This wearable does not have an electrocardiogram or a blood oxygen saturation meter. In return, its starting price is $ 279.

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