The new Android exclusive WhatsApp functionality that will never come to your iPhone | Technology

If you have iOS, forget about this new feature that is very close to reaching WhatsApp.

WhatsApp It is on the way to launching a lot of new functionalities in the application, and in addition to the disappearance mode, “see once” and even the support for multi devices is also working on the quick calls that will serve to verify our phone number, but if you are an iPhone user, forget about the last feature.

A few weeks ago we talked about the new functionality planned for WhatsApp called Flash Calls or quick calls, a new way of verifying our phone number that, instead of receiving a six-digit code to enter and confirm it, the system will make us a missed call that will be registered on our phone.

Subsequently, we will give a permission to verify the record of our calls to WhatsApp for you to confirm that we really received this missed call, and the phone number will be verified to us.

So far everything normal, but because Apple does not allow third party public API to read call historyIf you have an iPhone or iPad, you will not be able to use this verification speed call feature.

And worst of all, it is not a technical decision, but within Apple’s privacy policy, so it does not seem likely that over the years this will change.

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In any case, if you have common sense, you will not have difficulties in being able to verify your phone number on any iOS device, and with the greatest security. Of course, never trust to share that WhatsApp verification SMS code with any user, even if you know it.

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