The new Amazon Echo Dot drops in price again: it is on sale for 38.99 euros temporarily | Technology

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Amazon’s most popular speaker, with its new spherical design, gets a 35% discount in its online store. Design and functionality at a golden price.

To complete your network of speakers and smart devices at home or to get started in this new home automation technology, the Amazon Echo Dot speaker it is one of the most popular. This fourth generation mixes a unique design with better sound quality.

If you are looking for a new smart speaker for your home of small dimensions, this is a very interesting option. Especially if we take into account the reduced price that looks right now in the Amazon store.

For 38.99 euros of price, the Amazon Echo Dot presents a good value for money. It has no shipping costs, and you can receive it at home in a few days. If you need it urgently, you can make use of Amazon Prime fast shipping.

The smallest and especially cheapest smart speaker from Amazon. It integrates Alexa with all the functions of its older brothers but in a much more compact and versatile size.

To start using smart speakers, it is best to start with simple and elegant devices like this model. Its new spherical design gives it a better sound quality to listen to your favorite music in the kitchen, living room or your room while you telework.

They can also serve as an alarm clock and start the day with music. In addition, routines can be applied so that you only turn on the coffee maker connected to the WiFi network, inform us of the traffic situation or the weather forecast for that day. In the in-depth analysis we carry out at Computer Hoy, you can see the versatility of this type of product.

Choosing the best smart speaker is an important decision in any home. Therefore, before deciding which one is better, read this guide that we have prepared for you to decide between Google Home and Alexa.

It can also serve as a second speaker in other rooms and let the music be heard throughout the house. We can use the stopwatch to cook in the oven, exercise at home, or ask Alexa to jot down tasks and meetings on our work calendar.

They are products that have been gaining features every year until they have an almost infinite list of possibilities. For 38.99 euros, you can have an assistant at home to help you cook, organize and entertain you. In addition, you can have it in less than 24 hours if you activate your free trial month of Amazon Prime.

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