The new 2021 range of the FIAT 500X already has prices in Spain

The FIAT 500X launches the 2021 range. FIAT’s exciting SUV offering is adjusted with the arrival of new trim levels. Everything is ready for your arrival at the dealerships. We review the main keys of each of the finishes that make up the new 500X range and, what is more important, we list their prices.

The FIAT 500X, the only SUV that makes up the European offer of FIAT, has started this year 2021 with a new range. The Italian manufacturer has decided to carry out a series of adjustments in the 500X range with the aim of boosting its sales and, above all, keeping up to date a model that is vital for the company in the Old Continent and that it must face a growing number of rivals.

The new one FIAT 500X 2021 range it is ready to start its commercial career in Spain. Its landing in the dealerships is imminent. What’s more, we already know all the prices. And it is that, not only opens trim levels as we will see later in this article, FIAT has also adjusted the price of each of the versions that can be configured in our market.

FIAT 500X CultFIAT 500X debuts Cult trim level in Sicily Orange

The 2021 range of the FIAT 500X

What trim levels make up the new 500X range? If you are thinking of buying a car and the FIAT SUV is one of the options you are considering, you should know that there are a total of four trim levels available. They are as follows: Cult, Connect, Cross and Sport. The first two endings are associated with the aspect Urban look while the third, as its name indicates, falls on the appearance Cross Look. The Sport finish will continue to be the most exclusive option and, therefore, top of the range.

He cult finish
is set as the access version. The most basic termination. FIAT stresses that this is the pop incarnation. Among other features, this version brings with it the new and exclusive Sicilia Orange body color. This tonality is combined in the interior with the new fabrics and details in Techno Blue, adorned with the 500 logo.

One level above is the finish Connect. In this configuration, the 500X has black upholstered seats, a techno leather-covered steering wheel and is fitted with 16-inch alloy wheels. It also has tinted windows, fog lights, LED daytime running lights, parking sensors, automatic lighting and a rain sensor.

FIAT 500X SportThe new FIAT 500X Sport 2021 debuts new features such as the Fashion Gray color

The most adventurous and jacket alternative in the range is the Cross finish. In this case, the Italian SUV features new seats with a central stripe with a camouflage motif, vinyl inserts, roof bars, automatic climate control and 19-inch alloy wheels.

As a top-of-the-range option is the Sport finish, the sportiest ending. Among its most characteristic features are the 18-inch burnished black alloy wheels, although 19-inch ones are optionally available. In addition, this finish allows access to the exclusive Fashion Gray body color.

The engine range of the new FIAT 500X 2021

With regard to the mechanical offer, it will still be possible to buy a FIAT 500X with both a gasoline and diesel engine. However, all available engines comply with the Euro 6D standard. The Italian manufacturer has, for some time now, been working very hard to make all its product offerings comply with the increasingly demanding European Union emission regulations.

FIAT 500X Cross 2021 - rearIn the 2021 range of the FIAT 500X, the Cross trim is the most adventurous alternative

Those interested in getting hold of the 500X, one of the best cheap SUVs, will have at their disposal two gasoline engines and two other diesel engines. In the first case, the proposed blocks are a 1.0-liter Firefly 120 hp engine as well as a 150 hp 1.3-liter engine
(will come later). Diesel alternatives go through a 1.3-liter MultiJet 95 hp engine and, one step above, a 1.6-liter MultiJet 130 hp.

All motors are associated with a Manual gearbox and a system of front-wheel drive. For now, there is no mechanism that allows the ECO environmental badge of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) to be worn.

Prices of the FIAT 500X 2021 in Spain

MechanicsCultConnectCrossSport1.0 Firefly 120 CV € 20,500 € 22,200 —- 1.3 MultiJet 95 CV € 22,800 —— 1.6 MultiJet 130 CV – € 25,900 € 27,500 € 28,500

Prices valid from January / 2021 without including discounts or other promotions