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The networks go crazy with his mother, this is the dazzling Ana Mayrata

In the world of motorcycling the name of Joan Mir, brand new MotoGP champion. But during the last hours his mother has also gone viral, Ana Mayrata, that has dazzled social networks for its attractiveness and beauty, something perhaps unexpected for many Twitter and Instagram users who hallucinate with the pilot’s mother.

Ana Mayrata has supported Joan Mir during all these years and now she has also seen her dream come true of seeing her son achieve the most important title of his career. A mother who may not meet the standards but is not unknown, well is a production assistant, stylist for television shows and life style for hotels, yoga teacher, and has participated in numerous advertising campaigns.

Without going any further, she was responsible for the styling of her countryman Rafa Nadal in the filming of Rafa Nadal Academy. But what Ana Mayrata has become famous for in recent hours is for several photographs that circulate on the network in which it is appreciated that she maintains a spectacular figure.

She is so important to Joan Mir that the only tattoo the pilot has is dedicated to his mother, whose congratulatory message to her son on Instagram has captivated everyone: “The more you fight for your dreams, the closer you will be to achieving them… ‘ A code with which you have been forging yourself throughout your life and that now takes on its greatest meaning. I have always been convinced that you carry within you everything you need to be happy and build a successful life but above all with ‘purpose’ and I can’t help but get excited when you see your long-awaited dream come true; a dream that is the apex of that pyramid that year after year you have been building with tenacity, perseverance, effort and absolute devotion. As a mother, seeing the sparkle in your eyes and that giant smile fills all those moments of absence with meaning and with it the disconnection, disagreements and worry. It has not been easy, but I can say with a racing heart, head held high and a well-drawn smile that it was worth it !! You deserve it Jony, you are a very special ‘being’ ».