The Brooklyn Nets, the last team in the NBA – the North American professional basketball league – with players infected by the coronavirus, announced this Wednesday that all of them have already qremain free of the symptoms of COVID-19.

04/01/2020 at 23:28


Fifteen days after de that the Nets announced that four of their players had tested positive for COVID-19 (coronavirus), the team’s general manager, Sean Marks, reported this Wednesdayis that the entire template was symptom free.

Speaking to journalists during a conference call, Marks revealed that the Nets roster completed a two-week quarantine and will continue to comply with the distancing regulations issued by the government.

“As far as the team is concerned,” Marks began explaining, “I feel like all of us, like the rest of New York and really the world, are trying to fight this as best we can,” he said.

Three asymptomatic players

Many people who have the disease do not show any symptoms. Three of the four Nets players, who tested positive, were asymptomatic. (they did not present symptoms). The team announced that the members of the organization who were in isolation for 14 days, no longer show signs of COVID-19.

The NBA season has been suspended since March 11 and since then, more than a dozen players and at least one team owner (James Dolan of the Knicks) have tested positive for the coronavirus test.

During the three-week suspension, many organizations have distributed training teamsI love their players’ houses to keep them fit. For the Nets, their injured players have had more time to recover from their injuries.

The star of the team, the Base Kyrie Irving underwent shoulder surgery in early Marchor and the rest of the 2019-20 season was expected to be missed.

Durant does not plan to return

For his part, Kevin Durant, who suffered an Achilles injury in the 2019 Finals, had been ruled out throughout the tournament.

Precisely Durant was one of four players who tested positive for the coronavirus after traveling with the team on the West Coast tour, including the match against Los Angeles Lakers, the last one they did before the competition was suspended.

Durant personally disclosed his spread of the coronavirus to raise awareness in the community on the importance of maintaining quarantine and following the guidelines of the health authorities.