The commissioner of the National Basketball Association, Adam Silver, indicated that to guarantee the safety of players and coaches in an eventual return to activity, they would need to apply around 10,000 tests to COVID-19.

In a teleconference organized by the players union, Silver explained that they would need to apply approximately 10,000 tests in the care of basketball players, coaching staff, assistants, medical staff, personnel of the television stations that will broadcast the games and other essential personnel.

In addition, he warned that it will be necessary for said tests to be acquired apart from the 250 thousand that the state and municipal governments will apply to their citizens, so as not to affect the prevention measures issued by the health authorities.

With these tests Adam Silver wants to build a protective bubble against COVID-19, but it raises the question of what will happen when there is a positive result.

The same commissioner made the decision that night, on March 11, to suspend the season, when French jazz star Rudy Gobert, from Utah, was the first player on the circuit to test positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Silver wants to find the formula for it and told the players that if there is a positive result, then he will give the affected basketball team a two-day break.

The idea of ​​bringing teams together in one or two venues remains on the roster of possibilities, with Las Vegas being considered for Western Conference teams and Disney-owned Orlando for Eastern teams, though not expected. the decision is made before June.