The NBA continues seeking to resume the 2019/20 season, suspended since last March 12 after the positive was announced by coronavirus from Rudy Gobert, Utah Jazz player. The intention of the North American basketball competition is to extend the course until August, the month in which the playoffs would be played to decide who is the new champion.

As recently reported Adrian Wojnarowski, journalist and NBA insider in the ESPN medium, the NBA itself has already taken the first step in this regard. Starting May 1, the league will allow the 30 franchises to reopen their sports training facilities.

With this measure, those players who voluntarily agree to return to training will have to follow a series of measures and protocol to exercise extreme caution and avoid catching the coronavirus.

However, although this is the first step towards the return of the NBA, Wojnarowski himself has reported that the resumption is not a certainty, and that if it is played again it will not be imminent. There is still a lot of work to do to get it.

The trainings that will take place in the sports facilities of each of the franchises in the league will be individual, group practices are still prohibited. In fact, the NBA is looking to take a series of measures against those teams that have not been and will not be restrictive regarding the precaution against the disease.