The NBA wears the best down jackets

Canada Goose vests for the NBA (Photo: CANADA GOOSE)

That clothing and accessories brands reach agreements with major sports teams or their associations is nothing new. Adidas, Nike, Rebook, Under Armor, Puma… all of them compete to be an official brand or supplier of uniforms and equipment.

In winter sports we are used to seeing brands such as Columbia, The Norh Pole, Fisher, Roxy, Alien Workshop … But what a company that is known worldwide for its winter clothing and for professions where average temperatures are below the -20º is the bet of a sport like basketball, it is not so common.

The NBA has signed Canada Goose. And he has done it for several years and for a millionaire figure that has not yet been revealed. From now on, the All Stars basketball players will wear the Canadian brand parkas designed for the occasion.

Canada Goose sells winter jackets, coats and parkas starting at $ 900. They are the most expensive and iconic on the market along with those of Moncler. Probably, if you have visited the northern United States, New York, Chicago or Seattle, it will not be difficult for you to recognize the logo with the image of the North Pole on these winter coats, which started in three colors: black, red and green. Coats whose fabric allows to withstand very low environmental temperatures, as well as rain and snow. Canada Goose’s first customers were Antarctic sailors and explorers, engineers and scientists.

The history of the brand began in 1957, when Sam Tick founded Metro Sportswear Ltd. in a small clothing warehouse in Toronto. Today the quality of their skins, their fabrics, and the goose feathers they use are considered the best in the world. Their garments can withstand up to 31 degrees below zero and maintain body temperature …

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