The refusal of a large part of the players to have to be isolated for several months in the « bubble » of Walt Disney Resort, Orlando, if in the end the NBA competition resumes, has forced the league to work on a schedule to minimize that presence.

06/12/2020 at 09:03


After reducing the competition, which is scheduled to start from July 31, to 22 teams, The NBA works on a schedule that after 53 days of arriving in Orlando, 14 teams will be back to their corresponding cities, and there will only be four left after 67 days of competition.

The NBA wants to convey to players that the real-time commitment for most teams in Orlando may be less daunting than originally perceived, especially once seen in the context of schedules incorporated into the league’s revised schedule.

A significant group of players had seriously questioned the option of not attending the restart of the regular season competition suspended on March 11.

Training camps, from July 9 to 11.

The teams they will be quarantined briefly before formal training camps begin before regular season games they resume on July 30, according to several journalistic sources.

The six teams eliminated after eight regular season games and a possible play-in tournament for the 8th place in each Conference would leave Orlando after a 35 or 40 day stay.

The NBA expects the Conference finals to end in a maximum of 82 days, leaving the two teams to play in the Finals, which could start from next September 30.

New rules

Also, Several new rules are expected to have been agreed by the NBA and the players union to take effect. when competition resumes at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Players like center DeMarcus Cousins ​​and point guard Isaiah Thomas, who were on the NBA rosters this season, and those who were not, shooting guard JR Smith and Jamal Crawford, for example, who are free agents, have the option to register. in the open list positions.

To the teams international players, such as Spanish Montenegrin power forward Nikola Mirotic, will not be able to sign, which was not on the NBA charts this season. Teams can bring up to 17 players to Orlando, including 14 or 15 with a standard contract NBA and additional positions both ways.

For example, Brooklyn Nets may designate development league players Chris Chiozza and Jeremiah Martin, who were already in the first team, as numbers 14 and 15 of the list with the option of being able to replace the injured stars, the forward Kevin Durant and the base Kyrie Irving. However, The Nets would not be allowed to sign two replacements for Durant and Irving.

The playoff charts, with 15 players

Once the playoffs start, teams can replace any player who tests positive for coronavirus with a substitute playeror. This new player would be subject to a minimum quarantine period of seven days. Also, there will be a one-week transaction window in late June which will allow teams to resign or sign a player.

During this time, a team may upgrade players from the development league to the first team and if his position is injured it could be occupied by another who comes from the same competition.

Eight teams, Denver, LA Clippers, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento and San Antonio have an open spot on the list. and they can sign a player who competed in the NBA or the Development League this season.

The eight teams that are left out of the Orlando restart can resign or sign players during the transaction window, but they won’t have the option of getting one who is in the Development League and was already in the first team