Although the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, will not make any decision on the suspension of the competition until next May, but has encouraged those responsible for the league to contribute their ideas about the possible return to activity.

04/13/2020 at 12:34



In that sense, several executives and medical personnel of the teams have been discussing possible protocols to prepare players for the return to competition, no matter where it can be organized and with or without spectators.

One of the ideas that has been proposed is a 25 days program of preparation of the players before resuming the sport activity, According to several media outlets published this Monday.

Under the plan, players would perform a series of 11-day individual workouts where they could maintain a certain social distance while the preparation work increases.

Then, if health authorities allow it, the idea would be to complete a two week training camp with the participation of complete teams.

It is expected that in his next update of what will be the future of the NBA regular season, Silver has already defined the preparation plan, if in the end the 259 games that are still to be played will be completed, it goes directly to the playoff competition or is canceled permanently the entire season.