Some light has been shed on what the format of the NBA for the 2020-2021 season. The coronavirus pandemic will not disappear in the short term and the league is already mulling over possible alternatives to face the next course.

According to information from ., the NBA is analyzing the possibility of creating four different bubbles. Given the great success that it is having until then, the city of Orlando I would leave with advantage to host one of them. The other possible options that have come to light have been Las Vegas, New York and Dallas.

All these options present the basic needs to host a bubble and the NBA is already exploring these locations as a real possibility.

Another alternative suggests a format of six groups, each with five teams, corresponding to each division. The first month of the competition would be made up of matches played exclusively between teams from the same division.

As always, the safety of players and staff will be the highest priority for the commissioner. Adam Silver and NBPA Executive Director Michelle Roberts.